(Dates to be announced soon!)

Lovely Human Soul,

Time to turn inwards, embrace introspection; autumn gently knocks upon our door!

Here is your opportunity to take your Tantric Experience to the Next level.

Do you want to use your Awakened sexual energy to create a blissful life? 

Then you are in good hands with us...literally.

In this profound and deep weekend training you have the opportunity to discover new heights in your sensuality and sexuality in a safe and joyful Urban Container.

Awaken your Orgasmic Body.

We will help you to release old stuck blocks.

And we will not leave it by that. 

We will take you even further. 

Because experiencing the bliss of Tantra is great.

But living the bliss of Tantra is Magic!

We will use Pleasure Magic Rituals to show you how to use your lovemaking as a portal for blissful living.

We use the most powerful sacred sexual energy that we create in the heat of the moment and use it to consciously direct our thoughts and energy to manifest our desires.

Isn't that exciting?

Isn't that what we want from life?

As if we are making love with life.

And yes this needs practice.

And your commitment and devotion to the practices. 

But it really works!

We are living it already!

And we also want this for you, beautiful soul!

So come play with us. 

To experience the magic. 

And we do this all in a modern professional safe environment. 

Always with consent and respecting your own boundaries and from the other.

You can come by yourself or with partner.

We can’t wait to play, share, inspire and empower.

With love,

Humita & Jasper


Why this Training?

  • These times can be experienced as challenging times with a lot of negativity. The secret to continuously live joyfully and successfully is to establish a great relationship with yourself and your body. This is still in your control, as for the rest is like your are trying to control the weather.
  • We need to experience ourselves in the Tantric Field to let go of old habits and traumas and to experience the wholeness that we are. 

  • In the Tantric Field you move from your head to your heart and body, from thinking to feeling, doing to being, from chaos to stillness.

  • It is a great opportunity to heal and nurture yourself and to meet like minded people.

  • The energy builds during the weekend and the effects of the energy and your relationships are long lasting.

  • Indulge yourself in a beautiful group of people, love and grow, play and be a little crazy!


Wild actually means freedom, free of the mind and structure! Wildness is a totally conscious state. Consciousness is the wildest dimension we know. You can’t tame it. Everything inside of you that you cannot tame is wild. Love, bliss, orgasm, emotions – you cannot tame them. Tantra is WILD, because it brings us in touch with our Divine Qualities that make us fall into Oneness.


The transformation after working with Humita was miraculous. She has a talent for moving people forward in life and allowing them to live life to the fullest. Her sensuality is inspiring, her spontaneity is contagious and her sincerity makes her accessible.

It's remarkable how she always knows exactly how to hit the nail on the head. But what I admire most about her is her ability to see the potential in each person, and the way she conveys this to them.

Marleen - entrepreneur
It awakens you on all levels: your body, your mind, your energy and your spirituality. Guru Gian teaches with deep respect, vast knowledge and from his heart.

Barbara (PR-agente)
For me, Guru Gian is a source of inspiration and positive energy. He has immense knowledge and motivates and inspires every time. Highly recommended.

Gijs -entrepreneur


Transformative Tantric Meditations & Practices

Tantric Breathwork, Tantric Touch, Mystical of the Senses, Tantric Way of Life, Working with Sexual Energy, the Power of Your Life Force, Movement of the Body

Specific instructions to go deeper in your body and your feelings

Our journey features Tantric exercises inspired by Kaula Tradition, Osho’s wisdom, Kundalini’s fire, Taoism’s grace, and our unique Methods and Innovations

An Cool Urban Location in Amsterdam

A life changing weekend that will transform your life...

How does the Tantra Training Weekend look like?


Welcome at 6pm

Start 6.30

End 10pm


Start 9.30am

Lunchbreak 1pm

Start 3pm

Dinnerbreak 6pm

Start 8pm

Evening Surprise


Start 9.30am

Lunchbreak 1pm

Start afternoon 3pm

End 5.30pm

Teacher Duo 2013


  • Deep transformative exercises that activate your sexual energy and awaken your orgasmic body

  • How to use your sexual energy for manifesting you dreamlife

  • Specific Wild Wisdom Sex Magic Meditations that arouse the dormant Kundalini Energy

  • Exercises to awaken the energy of the second chakra which are essential to have a juicy life

  • 1 special technique (among a lot of other partner exercises we share) that you can do with a partner that will strengthen your magnetic projection 10-fold

  • Special dances that help you awaken your Inner Power

  • How to make love with life (and with your partner...)

  • How to make conscious use of your sexual power (and what you really should not do)

  • Why intimacy not only make you fulfilled but also wildly successful

  • Specific partner exercises (your own or somebody from the group) that will make you extremely intimate with yourself and helps you to open to your partner

  • How to use the masculine and feminine force in a conscious way

  • How to be a true Modern Tantrika 24/7 so that you wake up with a big smile and loving energy for the day

  • One suprise evening that will change your life for good (because we will teach you how to continue this after the evening and after the retreat)

  • Specific somatic instructions to go deeper into your sensitive self (this we have developed from almost 30 years of somatic teaching experience)

  • Beautiful tips, suggestions and ideas that can mean a breakthrough in your intimate life with yourself and or your partner(s) and can create a shift in your professional life (because we strongly believe that what you manifest in life is a reflection of your inner work) (and we know that sometimes you just need one little push to make a huge leap in life)

  • And of course much much more...

tantra workshop

How will your life be different after this Training?

  • You feel more Alive
  • Feel a deeper connection with your body and partner
  • Relaxing & expanding instead of  contracting
  • Allowing instead of  pushing
  • Being instead of Doing
  • Unconditional Love
  • Entering The Heart Space
  • Acceptance
  • Surrender
  • Transformation and shift of Consciousness


Indescribably special

Dear Humita, it was indescribably special this course. Tantric Breathwork brought me right into my body, and your energy opened my heart. You have given me a chance to experience tantra in such a beautiful sacred way, and this is really different than what I thought it was. I feel free and powerful at the same time and ready to coach my clients in this unique way! This is really a new experience for me which I can use in my work as a yoga teacher as well.

Irene - yoga teacher
I recommend this to the whole world!

It was a wonderfully inspiring day. Nice to see you live for once instead of online ;-)

I experienced the workshop as very pleasant and relaxed. I went alone, but immediately made contact with fellow yogis.

In any case, I learned something more! I found the 11-minute white tantra ("venus kriya") exercise sensational. Going through your limits of thinking you can't do something was a bliss!

I recommend this to the whole world!


I am so grateful that I decided to participate in this course. For the first time I have created a tantric morning ritual, that I use daily. This is a huge victory! I feel more alive, have more energy and feel more relaxed....

Thank you so much for your willingness to share and allow yourself to be vulnerable, it is truly inspiring!

Sandra Med-Schmitt
M. Lanoy - Nurse



Humita Premmiela is an innovator in the field of personal power and growth, and her work is seen as very loving with great impact. She ensures that people of all ages develop fully through empowerment and embodiment. In the past decade, she has coached and inspired over 1,000 amazing souls to live a shamelessly extraordinary life! Many people saw their dreams come true, stepped into their authentic power, and chose to live their most joyful life. They feel safe and seen while working with Humita, and their transformation is quite remarkable!

For those of you who don’t know her; Humita her roots are from India and is a true Tantrika. She first walked this path herself, from 0 to 100 we might say. She came from far. She is a certified 3HO Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Meditation lover, works with the Joe Dispenza methods, Love Intimacy & Relationship Coach, Business Mentor, Healer, Quantum Field explorer and she is a real Life Artist!

Humita loves to travel the world, dance till sunrise, laugh on high volume, eat delicious quality food and loves her friends and family. She is very passionate about the work she shares and loves to meet new people.


Jasper is a renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher & coach in the Netherlands and abroad. He has successfully launched the international Kundalini Yoga Coaching level 1 & 2 and the largest online Kundalini Yoga Platform the Kundalini Yoga Club in the Netherlands. Jasper has coached thousands of people to a healthy, happy, conscious and successful life both in the business world as normal life. He has a big heart and supports many other teachers and coaches in their growth.

Jasper started his tantric path with Kundalini Yoga almost 20 years ago and in the last years studying and practicing the broader tantric tradition. Jasper loves coaching and supporting others to succeed is his main drive in life. 



No partner needed. There are meditations and practices that you will do alone, with a partner or in a small group. 

You have free choice. No obligations.


Date: (Dates to be announced soon!)



Lunch & Dinner:

You are responsible for your own lunch and dinner!! We provide unlimited filter coffee, tea, water and Earth Water Sparkling, and little snacks for in between the breaks. When you book the training you will receive a Practitioner's Guide with all cozy eating establishments in the area. It’s going to be a great exploration.


No accommodation is included in the program!! You can book a room in Hotel or in a bed and breakfast, camping or hotel in the neighborhood. When you book the training we will offer you a pdf with suggestions of sleeping accommodations nearby.

NOTE: The training will be in English!!!


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Ticket for the Tantra Training Retreat

An Unforgettable Weekend

Training Materials

Suprise Evening

Only 30 LIVE seats available

Some more testimonials from Tantra Trainings by Humita & Jasper

"The course has brought me more than I thought it would. The tantra the way Humita brought it is really so clear and so pure. So full of love. The structure was very carefully chosen. I am so happy with all the videos available that I can still watch back now. The different perspectives were also very dynamic and nice to get to know in order to find my own way. I also really loved the coaching from Jasper. Business & personal, male focus & female interaction. Both worlds were merged into a qualitative & accessible transfer of information."

"The course really makes me feel like I am doing what I need to do. Listening to the voice of the inner unified tantra(a)!"

"The reason I took the course was that I wanted to get more in touch with my feelings (more heart, less head), it brought me that."

"I wanted to feel more present in my body, reawaken my sexual energy and love my body again. And I absolutely succeeded. I really liked Humita's sessions and they worked deeply on me."

"I feel more grounded, clearer about how I want to live this dream, more energetic to manifest and clearer to communicate."

"This course is great for experiencing everything about yourself! And to experience a rebirth .... Embodying the divine in its full potential with all its Human limitations!"

"If there has been any training that has brought me much love and peace, it is this tantra training by Jasper & Humita. If there has been a training that has given me the bubbles of life, but above all the ability to live it and carry it out into the world, it is this tantra training. An impressive interplay of feminine & masculine energy. Focused on what they want to convey. Broad & accessible to all. A careful structure that highlights tantra as pure & clean as it is essentially meant to be. An inner richness that lets its brilliance shine infinitely. More than grateful! All love for a process in Love-Full-Consciousness.... Love Bibian-Liv Sita"

"After a second pregnancy and a lot of busyness in my life, I felt I had lost touch with my body quite a bit. I was looking for ways to reconnect with myself. To enjoy my body again. To feel juicy in my body. And reawaken my sexual energy."

"It really lights up my life with light energy, allowing me to enjoy my body, my senses, my mind in a different way. More dedicated, more succulent, more sensual than the path of my spiritual practice - kundalini yoga. And I feel it's a vital element for me to feel good...."

"My sex life has changed significantly and become more enjoyable.... Which is an achievement with two small children!

And, I also had a big judgment about 'fun' which I noticed was very much taken over by my family. And by working in this training, that is starting to change.... I feel more okay to enjoy and be sensual...."

"It's amazing how playful you were. Sometimes you shift roles. I could also feel Humita's Shiva and Guru Gian's Shakti. And this is beautiful. Thank you for your energy. And it's a big, big work. You keep this space open for us all year. Thank you for everything!"

"Since I started Tantra, a lot has changed in my life. And that is so beautiful. It changed my life, it changed my relationship with my husband, it gave back my sexuality completely. And I was always very scared. And confidence is just something that came out of this course, really!"


Question: I don't have that much experience yet. Is this something for me?

Answer: Yes it is. This training Weeekender is for beginners and for people with experience, both. After this retreat you will understand much better what Tantra is about and what its potential is. It is a real Life Changing Experience.

Question: I already have a lot of experience. Is this still interesting for me?

Answer: Yes it is! We have been studying different methods for over 15 years and still learn every day. Your experience deepens, your curiosity and creativity awakens and your life becomes richer. In this training we will share advanced Wild Wisdom Sexual Magic Rituals that will speed up your evolution and help you manifest your soul desires. 

Question: Will there be nudity involved in this workshop? 

Answer: Maybe, if you feel so. But always with your consent. 

Question: How to prepare for this training? 

Answer: Clothes: wear something comfortable, where you are able to move in freely like; yoga/ jogging/ a long dress/ long skirt), wear layers to be warm and easy to take off.

Make sure you are fresh and showered, please do not wear any strong parfum.

It is not allowed to bring an open glass/cup in the studio, so a closed water bottle or to-go cup is useful.

Question: Is there any lunch or dinner provided?

No, you have to take care of your own lunch and dinner!!  We provide drinks and little snacks for in between the breaks. When you book the training you will receive a pdf with all delicious eating establishments nearby.

Question: Is the accomodation included in the price? 

No accomodation is included in the price!! You can book a room in Hotel or in a bed and breakfast or hotel in the neighborhood. When you book the training we will offer you a pdf with all sleeping accomodations nearby. 

Question: Can you tell me a little bit more about the level of Intimacy in this training? 

Freedom, Well-being and consent is key in the training, nudity is welcome but optional. There is no exchange of bodily fluids, no intercourse and no penetration in the studio.