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Do you want to learn to live fully?

Do you want a deeper connection with your body?

And do you want to love every part of yourself?

What do you think about sharing this with people around you and the world?

Then we would like to welcome you to become a next generation coach: a Tantric Coach.

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Tantra Coach Level 1 

Become a modern professional trantric coach with clients


What is tantra?

Welcome the Mystical! Let's start with some aspects that define our view of tantra. There are many flavors in the tantric world and we think it is important that you know something about how we see, experience and share tantra.

Tantra is learning by doing, the journey of experience and is not a religion. Tantra is a mystical ancient tradition. It is an expression of unconditional love for the depth and beauty of the mystery of life. Tantrikas are not believers, but explorers and enjoyers of life. They want to know reality by experiencing life in all its fullness. This is how they welcome the "Mystical" in this life on earth.

You realize that it's probably not quite what you think and certainly not what they show in the media.

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Tantra is about celebrating your body, embracing your Awakened Self, and feeling heightened sensuality. 

What is the Tantric Coach training about?

1. Your own tantric adventure and personal development.

2. Having the right mindset, coaching skills and tantric meditations and tools to become a professional Tantric Coach.

3. How can you make a living out of being a professional Tantric Coach in daily life?

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Which themes are being covered in the training?

Your Personal Tantric Practice

Experiencing and embodying all the tantric meditations and tools yourself

Tantric Lifestyle

Your own tantric daily Ritual

Becoming a 24/7 Tantrika

How Tantra Works

Working with polarity, the Masculine &  Feminine

Awakened Sensual Self

Sexual Energy

Life Force

Wisdom of the body

Tantric Breathwork

Tantric Touch

Mystical of the Senses

5 Elements of Nature

Power of Movement of the body

The Philosophy of Tantra

Relaxing & expanding instead of  contracting

Allowing instead of  pushing

Being instead of Doing

Unconditional Love

Entering The Heart Space



True Life Purpose

Transformation and shift of Consciousness

What is Tantric Coaching?

How to choose the right tantric meditation or exercise for yourself and your clients?

The basic techniques of coaching

Listening & questioning skills

Using the Tantric Vibration into Coaching

Transfer of consciousness

Holding the Tantric Space

From Head to Heart

Heart Coherence

Heart connection with your client

Your role and responsibility

Your role and responsibility as a professional Tantric Coach

Communication and transparency with clients

Integrity and safety

Transparency, bounderies and reflection

The role of compassion and neutrality

Professional attitude and  your ethic position

The next steps

Making your entrance in the World of Coaching

Owning your own Tantric Practice

Creating and attracting clients

Sharing your work


Integrating your Tantric Lifestyle in your daily life

Gift and challenges of working with Tantric Energy

Further studies and development as a Tantrika

What you learn in the Tantric Coach training?

  • The Mystical World of Tantra.
  • How to live a Tantric Lifestyle.
  • How to invite more energy in your life on a daily basis.
  • Awakening your sexual energy so it becomes your life force.
  • What it means to be a multiple-orgasmic person.
  • Designing a personal daily tantric ritual for your own life.
  • How to close the chapter of the past to open a new one for your future.
  • Embracing your Future Self being in the present moment.
  • How to welcome more pleasure and joy into your daily life.
  • What do you need in order to be a successful Tantric Coach.
  • How to distinguish yourself as a Coach.
  • How to attract your Soulmate Clients.
  • The 10 most transformative Tantric meditations and tools.
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How will this program astonish you

  • You will develop your own personalized daily tantric practice. These are tools that you can use to develop yourself, deepen your relationships, spice up your sensuality and sexuality and become an overall more joyful and happy person!
  • You learn a unique tantra system that you can share with others.
  • We offer you a Bonus Program in which you learn how to package your Tantric Coaching, how to share it with the world and how to make a living out of it.. This is very valuable as it allows you to be a professional Tantric Coach with Clients.
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For whom is the training?

  • For anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with themselves, others and the world.
  • For anyone curious about The Mystical World of Tantra.
  • People with experience with tantra who would like to share this with others.
  • People who already work 1-to-1 with people who would like to add an incredible rich skillset & transformative exercises to their repertoire.
  • Yoga teachers who would like to deepen the feeling experience of body work.
  • People who want to share tantra in a safe and professional way.
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This training sounds great! Tell me more, how is the training structured?

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Every month you receive 2 Expert Classes (1 tantra class & 1 coaching class)

In these classes we dive deep into tantra and coaching. We share the best practices and techniques that we use for ourselves and in serving others.  
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Live online Mastery session

Every month you will have 2 LIVE Mastery sessions (1 in tantra & 1 in coaching) with Q & A
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Regular NEW tantra practices

Twice a month you receive an NEW tantra practice to practice for yourself (and share it later with others).
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Experiential Home Assignments to learn to coach others

In the Expert classes and Live Mastery sessions you will get Experiential Home Assignments through which you learn to coach people tantric style and with tantric exercises, meditations and various tools.
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Private group to share and ask guidance

There is a private group where you can share your experiences and ask for guidance from your fellow tantric coach students.
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Study load: 30 - 60 minutes tantric practice per day + 5 hours weekly self-study

The schedule of the Live Mastery Sessions

In the live Zoom sessions we practice the theory, dive deep into the content, do exercises in breakout rooms and you have the opportunity to ask questions. Sessions start @ 10.00 a.m. CEST and are between 1-2 hours.

Here is the schedule (TM = Tantra Live Mastery Session, CM = Coaching Live Mastery Session):

October: 18 (TM) & 25 (CM)

November: 8 (TM) & 22 (CM)

December: 20(TM) & 6 (CM)

January: 10(TM) & 24 (CM)

February: 7(TM) & 21 (CM)

March:  13(TM) & 27(CM)

April: 3(TM) & 17 (CM)

May: 8(TM) & 22 (CM)

June: 12 (TM) & 26 (CM)

About the trainers:

Humita Premmiela Kanhai (Lead Trainer)

Humita Premmiela is an innovator in the field of personal power and growth, and her work is seen as very loving with great impact. She ensures that people of all ages develop fully through empowerment and embodiment. In the past decade, she has coached and inspired over 1,000 amazing souls to live a shamelessly extraordinary life! Many people saw their dreams come true, stepped into their authentic power, and chose to live their most joyful life. They feel safe and seen while working with Humita, and their transformation is quite remarkable!

For those of you who don’t know her; Humita is a true Tantrika, and first walked this path herself, from 0 to 100 we might say. She came from far.

Besides being a successful Transformation Coach nowadays, Humita has her own clothing label, private yoga studio in Amsterdami, daily room on Clubhouse (Womenlounge) and a successful podcast from tropical locations in the world. She is also founder of the platform The Female Way and is writing her first book in Tulum & Ibiza, where she currently lives, 'as we speak’!

Humita Kanhai foto

Jasper Kok / Guru Gian  (co-trainer)

Jasper is a renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher & coach in the Netherlands and abroad. He has successfully launched the international Kundalini Yoga Coaching level 1 & 2 and the largest online Kundalini Yoga Platform the Kundalini Yoga Club in the Netherlands. Jasper has coached thousands of people to a healthy, happy, conscious and successful life both in the business world as normal life. He has a big heart and supports many other teachers and coaches in their growth.

Jasper started his tantric path with Kundalini Yoga almost 20 years ago and in the last years studying and practicing the broader tantric tradition. Jasper loves coaching and supporting others to succeed is his main drive in life. 

Jasper Kok Guru Gian

What is the investment for the training?

Normal Price  is €2.477,-

But if you join today you can join for the early bird price of €1.977,-

Frequently asked questions

  • Question: I can't participate in everything, is that a problem?
    Answer: No, this program is designed in a way you can do it at your own pace and time. Everything is recorded and you are going to do a lot of yoga, meditation and practices in particular

  • Question: How long does the training last?
    Answer: The training has 2 LIVE sessions per month for a duration of 9 months.

  • Question: Will I still have access to all the information and videos after the training?
    Answer: Yes, you will continue to have access to the online environment after the training is over.

  • Question: I don't have that much experience yet. Is this something for me?
    Answer: Yes it is. After this training you will understand much better what Tantra and Coaching is about and what its potential is. It is a real Life Changing Experience.

  • Question: I already have a lot of experience. Is this still interesting for me?
    Answer: Yes it is! We have been studying different methods for over 10 years and still learn every day. Your experience deepens, , your curiosity and creativity awakens and your life becomes richer.

  • Question: Can I pay in installments?
    Answer: Yes you can pay in ten installments Note: You sign up for the whole training. When you decide to stop halfway through, the payment obligation will remain.

  • Question: What is the study load?
    Answer: The study load is 30 - 60 minutes tantric practice per day, plus 5 hours weekly self-study.